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Wedding Honeymoon Travel Agencies

Traditionally, the bride and groom will set out for their honeymoon destination the moment they leave their wedding reception. Maybe they’ll only choose to stay in a hotel for their first night together and then make their way to their honeymoon destination in the morning, but that is all part of the big trip.

In recent years, it has been more common for couples to delay their honeymoon by a couple of days, or even several months.

Why leave to your honeymoon destination straight away?

In the movies, the newlyweds head straight from the reception to the airport. This is considered the most exciting and romantic honeymoon option. You woke up in the morning as a singleton and by the end of the day you’re married and jetting off on honeymoon.

Leaving right away means that you can prolong the excitement of your wedding, and you get to avoid all of the post-wedding chores like returning tuxedos

Why wait for a couple of days?

The majority of couples now wait a few days after their wedding before leaving for their honeymoon destination. This lets them know they can enjoy the entirety of their wedding reception and spend longer with their guests.

If you have a lot of guests visiting from other countries, it seems a shame to waste the opportunity of seeing them by dashing off straight after the wedding. Spend a couple of days catching up with them and showing them the local area.

There are various practical reasons for waiting a while after your wedding to go on your honeymoon. You can unwrap your wedding presents and have the thank you letters in the mail, make sure all suppliers have been paid in full, have your dress dry cleaned and stored correctly and arrange any last minute honeymoon packing.

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