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About Jean Claude's Je Danse

Hi my name is Jean Claude , also known as the Ballroom Dance Specialist, welcome to my business profile. Jean Claude's Je Danse was found around 2 years ago with one mission in mind : Share the joy of dance PASSIONATELY.

Dance to me is like air is to breathing, it has shaped my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

In my 10 years of dance training, I've learnt that to be the best is to be passionate to the core, take risks, build trusting relationships with people who inspire you beyond your limitations, be ambitious, become more grateful, above all give it your all because you only get one shot at it in life and with it make a difference in that of others.

Together we will learn to:

=>Build your confidence as you learn to be in control of what you learn, and master it to the best of abilities, because no skill is to greater than the aptitude to learn it. It will be a journey to self-discovery at things you might have never believed possible to achieve and you will achieve it by being yourself UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

=>Experience a state of happiness, because happiness is a state of mind, and when you are in a place where you feel good its magic! Just add good vibes and good music and you will feel free and content.

=>Discover and develop better communication in your relationship as you learn to move with your partner on the dance floor, you will be able to take charge of your direction and be aware of the surrounding environment as you ensure your movement flows effortlessly.

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