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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Ceremony Music

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Music is an extremely important component of any wedding day as it sets the tone for the event. It’s for this reason that the bride and groom need to have a clear idea of their likes and dislikes as well as what kind of vibe they want for their big day.

Here we go through how you can find the perfect wedding ceremony music match for your big day.

Have a think about what kind of wedding you envision having. Is the ceremony going to take place in a church, on a beach, in an inside venue? If it’s going to take place in a church, do you want a soprano, a choir or a wedding mass singer? If it’s going to take place in a more bohemian and relaxed setting, you might even want a gospel choir as they are known to bring a lot of colour to celebrations they take part in. If you’re confused about what might work best, the rule of thumb is that while a soprano will give a more formal and sometimes even serious timbre to your event, a wedding mass singer is obviously going to be a bit easier to come by and slightly more relaxed in tone. A choir offers the perfect go-between between the two.

1. Wedding Sopranos

2. Wedding Choir

3. Wedding Mass Singers

4. Wedding Gospel Choir

Of course, even if you make a decision about what kind of music you want, it’s not always easy to find the right choir or solo singer for you; this is where Get Hitched comes in. At Get Hitched all you need to do is choose what kind of music you’d like for your big day and according to your budget, you’ll be matched with someone. If you have a very fixed idea about what it is you want it’s paramount that you make an extra effort to try to book as early as possible. This is especially important if you have a spring or summer wedding as specific singers are known to get snapped up months and months in advance and you may have to revert to a completely different genre if you leave everything to the last minute. Once you choose what you want and the site directs you to a specific wedding mass singer or choir, do make use of the Get Hitched message feature to further discuss any ideas that you might have. Get Hitched is the ultimate tool for you to be as hands-on as possible without having to do all the legwork.

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