[COVID-19] 4 Easy DIY Wedding Projects

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As many weddings are being postponed to the end of this year, and many more to 2021, we find ourselves facing a new reality that we have to adapt to.

Many people are finding themselves with more time on their hands, some even taking up new found hobbies such as baking, knitting or learning a new instrument. My neighbour has started learning the guitar for example… I myself have taken up painting (accompanied by a glass of wine of course) and I love it! #sippin&paintin

Now what if we all used this time on our hands at home to go into more detail with our wedding budgets. Were you looking to order your decoration pieces before COVID-19 started? Well now is the time to look into doing these yourself!

Here are a few ideas you can work on while staying home safe with your family. You can even get the whole family involved!

1. Table runners & chair bows

Are you planning a sit down wedding? Or perhaps a beach wedding where you need to set up some chairs for people to sit? If yes, you will be looking at having to set up the decor for your tables & chairs. If you own a sewing machine, you could make your own custom table runners and chair bows yourself!

Have a look at these links for different tutorials on how to make your own do-it-yourself Table Runners & Chair Bows.

2. Letter cages

These are super easy to make! You can either find a vintage birdcage, lantern or a wooden box in a thrift store, perhaps your grandparents or parents may have an old one or you can get one at your local flower/ pet shop, at the moment they are almost all accepting calls and delivering. Then decorate it! I’ve seen people using paint, ribbons, flowers and lace to create some very pretty bird cages! I have added some different examples for you below. It’s time to get creative!

3. Confetti

So when my sister got married in the 90’s I remember soooo clearly all the family (even my brother) working on these teeny tiny flower confetti for us to throw as soon as they walked out of the church! They were beautiful, and even more so, is the memory of us making these together for her! I remember we made 100s haha, and they were so easy to make – We used white toilet paper (I am sure all of you have this stocked!) and green organic tape to hold the flower together. It really is that easy!

Nowadays I’ve seen people using different confetti ideas. Some cool ones include collecting leaves and creating small confetti with a hole puncher from the leaves – which are super environmentally friendly.

4. Flower bands

These are a great do-it-yourself task if you have time on your hands. There are many different tutorials online on how to make these and they are a super personal touch to your wedding. You can make these out of fake flowers and beads and dress up your bridesmaids or your flower girls’ outfit.

All these above tips are a great way to create a unique touch to your wedding and save on some cash. Let’s be realistic, it is the time to be careful on what and how much we are spending our savings on right now.

I hope I have given you some useful tips and I look forward to any comments or photos of anything you make for your wedding from this article!

Thanks for now and stay safe x

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