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Most Maltese houses in the eighties and nineties had entire shelves dedicated to wedding souvenirs. Ceramic statues of various shapes and sizes were particularly de rigeur in the eighties but more often than not, they would sit unappreciated and gathering dust till the card with the couple’s name on it attached to it yellowed and a cat or dog eventually put them out of their misery. Nowadays, many couples opt to donate the money they would have spent on wedding souvenirs to worthy causes, finding it preferable to spend their money on something which may improve someone else’s life rather than on a finite object that will probably be cast aside a few hours after being given.

We at Get Hitched believe and back the idea of giving donations to charitable organisations in lieu of souvenirs a hundred per cent which is why we ourselves do not charge charitable organisations a single cent to get on board with us. For us, it’s not just about carrying out our corporate social responsibility but also about using our platform for good and encouraging others to do the same. At this current moment, the following charities are part of the Get Hitched family: ALS, AAA, Appoġġ, Inspire, Dr Klown, Hospice Malta, Richmond Foundation, Wardija Resource Centre, the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation (MCCF), however, we are always eager to add more.

If you would much rather give a donation to a charitable organization than give out souvenirs on your big day, just visit the Get Hitched website and we will put you in touch with the organization of your choice so that you can chat with them online from the comfort of your own home and make all the necessary arrangements to be able to contribute. Helping others simply couldn’t be any easier or rewarding!

Just fill in the details below and you will be contacting multiple charitable organizations at once for free!

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