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Planning an Eco-Friendly Wedding in Malta

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Traditionally, weddings aren’t the most eco-friendly of events. There’s a lot of food waste, excess decor and plastic packaging – not to mention the carbon footprint of all of your guests!

Thankfully, the wedding industry is becoming more environmentally aware, and many couples are looking into adopting a few eco-friendly measures to make their wedding a little bit more sustainable.

1. Eco-friendly wedding venues

If you’re opting for an eco-friendly wedding, your venue is an essential element. An eco-wedding doesn’t have to take place in a farm or field. An eco-venue is at a location that is easily accessible by public transport, decreasing the carbon footprint. Furthermore, eco-venues have recycling facilities, good contacts with local suppliers and an infrastructure that safeguards the environment.

2. Reduce the number of guests

This one is challenging! However, this measure reduces the number of people that need to travel, purchase gifts, and what not. A small wedding saves you money and is more eco-friendly and intimate.

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3. Eco-friendly souvenirs and decorations

Eco-souvenirs and decorations are the latest trends in the market. Reduced packaging, recycled materials and fair trade ingredients are all the rage at the moment. Use reusable jars and package homemade or locally-sourced jam. Dry out rose petals and create your very own confetti.

4. Eco-friendly wedding dresses

Attire is a central component of any wedding. Eco-chic is on trend in 2019. ‘Wow’ your guests in a vintage or pre-loved wedding dress. Repurpose and redesign old wedding dresses and create something truly unique. If you’re a fan of designer clothing, make sure that you opt for ethical designers that are committed to environmentally-friendly fabrics and ethical production.

5. Eco-friendly wedding invitations

There are myriad ways to reduce your environmental impact by finding alternative ways to invite your guests. Reduce, reuse and recycle are crucial when it comes to invitations. Opting for an e-invite, and using recycled and recyclable invites are great eco-friendly measures.

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