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Different Types of Accommodation Available for Couples and Guests

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When it comes to accommodation for your wedding guests, although comfort is paramount, it really does depend on what kind of budget you have to play with. Here are a few different options for you to look at:

1. Homestays

The cheapest option by far because it is free, this is not necessarily the easiest of the bunch. Not only do you have to plan everything logistically, but if you have more than one group of people coming, you have to liaise with other member or your family or friends (unless you live in Versailles). If you don’t have a lot of space, homestays can also add a lot of pressure to the big day preparations as people might not get on well together (especially having to live in such close proximity). Ultimately, the key to homestays going off without a hitch is knowing your guests well enough to know how they might get with others.

2. Hotels

While hotels are obviously going to cost more, they do take away from complicated homestay arrangements. If you are going to go with the hotel option, it is very important that you choose somewhere that will fit in with everyone’s budget (unless you’re paying for everything yourself). A lot of people don’t factor in other people’s expenses which leave guests feeling very frustrated and resentful. It may be your big day, but at the same time, it would be prudent to remember that not everyone has the means to make a considerable hole in their bank balance just to accommodate you. If you’re going to go with the hotel option, try to block book a number of rooms in one place as you will be able to get them for a cheaper rate.

3. Boutique Hotels

The latest trend in the hotel world is the boutique hotel. Pretty and quaint, they can now be found in a lot of Maltese towns and villages. Less big than hotels, boutique hotels tend to more on the expensive side because they are usually far more luxurious. Apart from the financial side of things, one must also keep in mind that boutique hotels usually don’t take a lot of people which will mean that you will have to house your guests in more than one place which can be extremely inconvenient. That said, it’s definitely the most romantic option so if you don’t have a great number of people coming to your wedding, it’s pretty much ideal.

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