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LIVE EXCLUSIVE: Episode #11 of The Get Hitched Live Wedding Show!

By July 24, 2020 No Comments

Special Guest: Miguel D’Alessandro, Finance & Operations Manager at Delicia Catering & Venue operator at @Castello Dei Baroni discussing venues & catering for weddings in Malta & Gozo.

In this episode we cover:

– Can you tell us about the background for Delicia Catering and Castello Dei Baroni
Castello Dei Baroni has historical heritage. How did it become a venue for events?
– The venue is truly unique: you cater for weddings, exhibitions, fashion shows as well as tourists interaction. How do you manage all of this?
– The evolution of catering over time
– New concepts, catering trends and amount of food required for a wedding or any other type of event
– The importance of attention to detail when it comes to both food and service
– The effects of COVID on the industry and what have you done in this time to remain positive?
– What is the most impressive event ever happened at Castello Dei Baroni?
– The Future of Delicia Catering & Castello Dei Baroni

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