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Should You Wear A Hat To A Wedding In Malta?

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It’s interesting to note that while the world constantly shapes and reshapes traditions and customs from the past, when it comes to the wedding department there are many things which have remained exactly the same for dozens and dozens of years if not hundreds.

Like we have already noted in past articles, Maltese brides, for example, did not traditionally wear white; in fact, it was only after Queen Victoria’s marriage on 10th February 1840 that the white wedding dress trickled down as the dress colour of choice for much of the Western world. Hats too have an interesting backstory with no British formal event considered to be complete without them on both men and women.

Of course, till a few years ago, no Maltese woman would be seen dead without a hat for a morning wedding, however, it would seem this rule has loosened slightly. In our opinion, one should definitely don a hat to a morning wedding. Not only will said hat elevate your entire look and make you look more polished but it is also a sign of respect to the bride and groom that you are honouring their special day by looking as refined as possible. Many people may disagree with this sentiment and say that these traditions no longer matter but the fact is hats have always been able to add that little something extra to an event.

That said, it is also important to keep in mind the setting of the wedding. If the ceremony is going to be held on a beach, it does not make sense to wear high heels, a very structured outfit and a pillbox hat; however, in this case, you could still get away with a big, floppy hat if you wanted to honour this long-held tradition. Ultimately, many people won’t raise much of an eyebrow if you choose to go hatless but the truth of the matter is if you can’t wear a hat for a morning wedding, then when can you?

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