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Wedding Shoe Shops – Where, How and How Much

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Buying your wedding shoes for the big day can be nothing if not daunting because there are so many things to consider. This is why it’s important to give this particular wedding conundrum a lot of thought and get as much advice as possible from friends and family who have already had their big day.

In the past, people would mostly opt for white shoes to match their dresses, but thanks to shows such as ‘Sex and the City’, women have become more open to wearing coloured shoes on their wedding day to give their ensembles that much-needed pop of colour.

When it comes to where to get your wedding shoes from, the truth is that nowadays, you can get them both locally as well as off the internet, however, if you are going to go down the internet route, please do make sure to buy them a long time before the actual day so that you have the time to see how they look with your dress. Buying them long ahead of the big day will also give you the time to break them in a little so you do not get those new shoe blisters that will leave you hobbling undesirably by the end of the day.

Our personal advice is to get two or three pairs of wedding shoes, one pair for the wedding ceremony itself, another maybe lower heeled pair for the reception and finally, a simple pair for the after party. This may sound like a bit of a frivolous expense but you will thank your lucky stars on the day when you have been on your feet for over 12 hours.

When it comes to how much you should spend on your wedding shoes, the choice is an extremely personal one and depends on budget more than anything else. Some shoe fanatics have known to spend thousands on their wedding day shoes while others have been happy to spend as little as thirty euros on their pair. Some brides feel justified in spending a lot because they plan to keep wearing their wedding shoes beyond the big day while others never plan on wearing them again. Your decision on whether or not you will wear the shoes again may help guide your decision but at the end of the day, it is in your hands what you want to do. Happy shopping!

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