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Made to Measure Wedding Suits

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Although nowadays one can find a number of suits on the market, a made to measure suit remains such an unparalleled luxury option because it is literally tailor-made for you and your body type from top to bottom. Below we will illustrate the various aspects which go into making a made to measure suit and why it’s so special to have one.

1. You are the architect of your look

When you buy a suit off the rack, you have no say in how big or small the buttons are, what colour the lining is, where the pockets are or what fabric is used in the trimmings but with made to measure, every single detail comes down to your choice. You not only get to choose the fabric of the suit itself, the pattern, cut and style, but you even have a say in what kind of trims and extras you want your masterpiece to have. The made to measure service literally allows you to hand-select what materials you want from a variety of prestigious fabrics from distinguished mills.

2. The suit is sure to fit you perfectly

Everybody is different and special in their very own way. We also have different ways of standing and sitting. In some cases, people might have a shoulder which is slightly higher than the other because of posture for example. An off the rack suit will not take into account all the little things that make you unique because it is aimed at a targeted group of men in your size and not you personally. Made to measure can also enhance the things you love about your physique like your broad shoulders and also hide the things you might prefer not to draw attention to.

3. The process includes you every step of the way

In the same way that excellent food takes time to be made, a perfect suit cannot be made overnight. With that said, you will be present at every step of your suit’s journey from conception to birth. From the measurement taking to the pattern making, to the sewing and the embellishment of all those hand-picked details, you will be very much part of the process. And thanks to the fact that you will be having fittings at every important step, you will be able to change anything that you want.

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