Get Hitched Launches at the MFCC Wedding Fair!

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What an eventful weekend it was! Once again, the MFCC Wedding Fair had arrived and there was no doubt it – it was an amazing few days.

For Get Hitched, it was the first year in the fair as our wedding service finder had only launched the day the event had opened. We spent hours of sleepless nights creating Get Hitched and planning everything for these few days; from panels for the booth to goodie bags, flyers and drinks for the couples, etc.. It’s like they say, hard work pays off and for us it really did because the response we had from both couples and vendors was phenomenal.

Day One:

On the first day the whole team was really excited to start sharing the concept of Get Hitched with Malta. The first few couples started arriving and were all intrigued to see what each other had to offer. After approaching them, some would say they still hadn’t planned a thing yet, whereas some had but a few things left. After giving a brief explanation of Get Hitched they also had the opportunity to try the system out see for themselves how quick, easy and useful the site can be. They were literally blown away whenever we said that Get Hitched can be utilised for FREE – and to be honest, I don’t blame them!

Something we constantly heard from couples was that they wished they could have used the system before they had started planning their own weddings already. “Illallu, kemm hi tajba!” and “U din b’xejn?” were among other common reactions. We were very happy with the comments, and seeing that people genuinely found the system useful made our day.

The Rest of the Fair…

Others came back to the booth within the next day to let us know that vendors were already contacting them. This was amazing, since our aim was to help couples have a hassle free wedding and it was finally starting to happen! To add to this, who’d have ever thought a vendor might respond to a couple within 3 working days? No one!

This was something that Get Hitched wanted to achieve from the very beginning and it fills us with pride to be able to say that we have indeed managed to realise this. We have to thank our amazing vendors –  especially the ones who believed in the concept even before we had a name. They made this product possible and we have to applaud them for their fast response to Get Hitched users (some even responded to customers within 10 minutes!).

There were also many other vendors interested in the idea who approached us at the fair for more information on Get Hitched and how they could become a part of the creation. We have to say that all expectations were exceeded and we are so looking forward to the future in seeing how this idea will continue to grow and reach more milestones.

For all here in the Get Hitched Team, this was definitely not ‘work’ in the sense of being another day in the office. This was work (very fun work, I might add), but moreso it was an amazing chance to celebrate every sleepless night it took to build Get Hitched and give couples looking to marry in Malta an efficient and user-friendly site.

As a team member, I would like to thank all the other members who gave their utmost during the Weddings Fair. Without you this wouldn’t have been the same. We made a really good team but even moreso I give thanks to Jonathan and Ben who came up with the original idea for Get Hitched, allowing us the opportunity to become a part of this amazing family.

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