4 Things to Keep in Mind when Offering a Buffet at your Wedding in Malta

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It’s always a mission in life to please everyone. Unfortunately, the same applies when it comes to pleasing your wedding guests. You’d think they’d be glad enough of the invite, let alone have the audacity to nitpick at your choice of flowers. That’s the problem with weddings, if your guests don’t enjoy themselves is it really worth all of the effort? 

The best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and we’re sure you’ll all agree with us on that one. Nothing beats sitting down for a good, hearty meal. Unless of course you’re able to stay standing with a drink in your hand while gorgeous morsels float around you graciously in a manner almost akin to that of a culinary ballet. That’s right. We’re talking about buffets.

Still Deciding on Your Catering Options?

We think one of the easiest ways to ensure your guests aren’t left with a bad taste in their mouth is to feed them well. And no, we don’t mean stuffing them to the brink of explosion. We mean making sure everyone has an option and is left satisfied. The best way to go to about doing so is to cater with a buffet. Here are 4 things you ought to keep in mind if you’re still on the fence about offering a buffet-style service at your wedding in Malta.

1. Convenience

Formal sit-down dinners require everyone to be served within minutes of each other. That means the more guests to serve the higher your service charge is going to be. Weddings also ought to flow naturally, and telling everyone to sit down for an extended period of time is the worst way to disrupt this. Some of your guests may take longer to eat, and options are limited to three or four at max. That doesn’t leave much room for contentment. Plus, everyone’s appetite is different. Some of your guests might not be hungry at the time you want the meal served, and an hour after their plate is cleared feel absolutely famished.

Buffets allow your guests fluidity in when and where and with whom they want to eat, if at all. Essentially saving you money at the end of the day, as table-service can be considerably more expensive when catering to the masses. It also goes easy on the environment and your conscience – smorgasbord standards ensure less wastage than that of a canteen style cook up.

2. Simplicity

Offering a buffet means you don’t have to worry about slaving away over table plans and seating arrangements. You don’t have to ditch set tables completely, instead think about offering a seated area for guests to come and go as they please.

3. Innovation

Buffets let you experiment with menus. They also let you get creative with how everything is served.  Go all out with molecular gastronomy if you really want to wow your guests!

4. Cost

Saving money is typically at the forefront of any decision made in regards to your wedding. Keep this choice as a simple one – buffets are far less expensive than formal dinners. Smaller buffet teams can still meet the needs of you and your guests at your wedding.

And, anything saved now can be used to invest in your new life together with your partner (or to make room for that extra special thing you didn’t have space for in your original budget).

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