Getting Engaged?

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Anyone getting engaged to marry is bound to enter into a whole new world of excitement. It’s a special kind of commitment, but with it comes a change that not everyone knows quite how to deal with.

It’s Time.

Getting engaged involves a private decision between a couple – yes, at times the declaration is a very public statement, but it puts relationships into a state of ‘limbo’. They’re no longer in an ordinary love affair, and yet they still aren’t married just yet.

Phase 1: Activate

When the engagement is announced, the couple’s lives are changed into a wider reaching state of affairs that holds many demands over their heads. Many new, and not necessarily wanted, interests arise which can put a strain on any relationship.

We’re All In This Together

Everyone is different, engagements will always vary and that’s part of what makes the experience so magical. The new romantics will want to shout it from the rooftops and ensure that the rest of the world gets to bask in their happiness, whereas others will remain reserved in an attempt to keep the spotlight off of their relationship for as long as possible. The latter of which usually prefer to get acquainted with pre-marital life before letting everyone else know.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Regardless of how long the couple have been together, announcing an engagement is bound to come as a surprise to some of those around you – hopefully a pleasant one, though. Remember, you aren’t the only one who needs to come to terms with being engaged – your partner needs just as much support as you do, and your family and friends may also need to sit down for a moment. This isn’t a bad thing at all! Most of the time, it’s because they are just too happy for you.

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