6 Reasons Why You Have to Go to Your Ex’s Wedding

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We all love getting invited to weddings, but what do you do when the one getting married is one of your exes? While not all exes are our enemies, if it’s from your most recent affair then things can turn sour. But, why shouldn’t you go? You’ve moved on with your life, and clearly so have they. So much so that they wanted to rub salt into your wounds by parading their happily ever after right in front of you. But then again, who doesn’t love a free party?

1. Show Them What They’re Missing Out On

This is your chance to be bigger than Jesus. You can do it. Get in there and turn some heads.

2. You’re the Better Person

You two have your ups and downs, but that’s all in the past now. You’re ready to build a bridge over troubled water and celebrate an old friend’s unity of love.

3. You Deserve a Good Night Out

Weddings are fun, that’s just a fact. Everyone is in a celebratory mood and the party usually fades into the early hours of the next morning. You’ve been working non-stop for the past few weeks, you deserve to let loose for a change.

4. Everybody Hooks Up At Weddings

Yes, even lonely exes with a pity invite.

5. Get Even

Did your love leave you scorned? This is your chance to get totally wasted at the open bar and make the night miserable for everyone.

6. You’ve Moved On…


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