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Wedding Dresses For Different Body Types

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Going wedding dress shopping can easily go from being a dream to a complete nightmare if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Not only can the sheer amount of choice be overwhelming but you may feel pressured into trying on certain things which you wouldn’t usually go for because of the people around you. It’s for this reason that it’s important for you to at least go with a fixed idea of what you’re looking for and what would suit your figure. Here are a few different things which you can look out for when choosing a dress for your big day.

1. If you are petite

If you have a small frame, it is important not to overwhelm it with layers and layers of material and big, bold detailing. Petite brides should focus on elongating their silhouette rather than wearing very short voluminous pieces which will end up looking like they’re trying to swallow them whole. A long silhouette can easily be achieved with an empire waistline and or a high-low hemline as both elongate the legs.

2. If you have an hourglass figure

If you have a big chest and big hips, you may want to balance your silhouette by wearing a dress which comes in at the waist but opens up near the bottom. The best way you can do this is by having a dress with a fishtail bottom as it balances out both the top and the bottom of your figure. Alternatively, you could get a dress with a slit at the bottom so you don’t end up looking like a carrot with a big top and a small bottom.

3. If you are plus-size

If you are plus-size and busty you really need to make sure to avoid very high necklines as you can end up looking matronly and frumpy rather than fresh. If you’re conscious of your arms, go for small capped sleeves which will give the illusion of them being thinner than they are. Things like a scoop neckline will make sure that your bust looks its best without you having to compromise on support. The key is to accentuate your curves without making yourself look bigger.

4. If you are tall and lean and don’t have prominent curves

This is by far the most flexible body type as many times off the rack dresses are made using a model’s figure for the prototype. This body type can wear full skirts easily and elegantly without the wearer looking bigger than they are. A full skirt can also make up for a lack of curves if you wish to create some. Tall and lean body types can also carry long sheath dresses well as they accentuate their statuesque bodies.

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