New Trends in Maltese Weddings Part 1

New Trends in Maltese Weddings Part 1

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Charting Malta’s changing wedding scene one trend at a time.

1. Civil Weddings in Malta

In 2016 something incredible happened: civil weddings in Malta outnumbered those taking place within a church for the first time. That was a huge shift not only in wedding culture but in Maltese culture itself, but it was hardly out of the blue. With more foreigners living on the islands, as well as the legislation of the Civil Unions Bill (which allows gay and lesbian couples to get married), it was simply a matter of time. That, however, doesn’t mean that church weddings are obsolete. In fact, in 2017, 1,208 weddings were still consecrated in a church.

2. Wedding Babysitting in Malta

When it comes to weddings, children can cause a real dilemma. Do you invite guests with their children or not? Well, the eternal headache seems to have been cured. There is now a babysitting service for the youngest wedding guests. And, let’s face it, the children will probably be the happiest about this, as we’re sure they’d rather stay with their peers colouring and listening to stories than attend a wedding.

3. Butterfly Release

We’re sure you’ve seen doves being released at the end of a wedding, but did you know that one of the latest trends to hit local weddings is the release of butterflies? Although not a new custom abroad, particularly in the USA, this is quite a magical take-over. The usual butterfly species used for this is the monarch – an apt choice for the king and queen of the day to release.

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4. Wedding DJs in Malta

While they have been the staple of Maltese weddings for a few decades now, Wedding DJs are actually growing in popularity year after year. The reason for this is largely a financial one as DJs usually cost less per hour than a band.

5. Wedding After Parties

Weddings are great and all, but one thing more newlyweds are keen on doing is having an after party with their closest friends. Of course, this makes perfect sense in a society like Malta’s where so many are expected to invite extended family and people they may not know so well… After all, the afterparty helps with letting your hair down on the biggest night of your love life.

We hope you enjoyed reading these wedding trends in Malta. You can also read the second part New Trends in Maltese Weddings Part 2.

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