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5 Awesome Ideas For Your Wedding Reception In Malta

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We get it, everyone wants to have the time of their life on their wedding night, and make sure that their guests are entertained and having fun too! These days, some couples choose to go for extravagant wedding receptions that are sure to be remembered and talked about for years to come. Here are just a few ideas to get you inspired!

1. Wedding Cocktail Bar

Everyone loves a good cocktail, and the fun of having a pop-up cocktail bar at your wedding reception is that you can create a cocktail specially for your Big Day, and you can even name it after yourselves! It’s sure to get your wedding guests in the mood for celebration.


2. Wedding Candy Buffet

Imagine having a table specially dedicated to retro sweeties that your guests can help themselves to, or how about a cupcake stand? You could look out for vintage teacups and cake stands if you want to make a display of your candy buffet, or even an old piece of furniture that can be up-cycled with a bit of paint and sanding down.

3. Wedding Photo Booth

Whilst it’s almost a given that a couple would choose a wedding photographer, it’s a fun idea to hire out a photo booth for your wedding reception so that your guests can take turns getting their pics snapped! Photo booths are so much fun when props are involved, and mean that your guests have something to take home to remember the day or night by!

4. Wedding Live Band

Music will play a big part of your wedding reception, and it’s important that you consider your options carefully. Luckily, there are loads of amazing live acts to choose from! How about a funk band that will cover all your favourites? It’s a great idea to make a list of songs both you and your partner love early on, to go over with the band.

5. Wedding Fireworks

If you’re getting married in Malta or Gozo, you’re in luck because the island excels at fireworks- this will be sure to impress any guests who’ve flown in from abroad especially! Fireworks lighting up the sky are a spectacular way to bring your wedding guests together whilst you cut the cake, whilst your song of choice plays in the background. Wedding fireworks truly are the icing on the cake!


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