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7 Inspiring Themes And Tips For Your Wedding In Malta

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When you’re planning your wedding in Malta or Gozo, you probably have some sort of “theme” that you’d like to stick to, even though the venues you’ve chosen will set the scene mostly. But there are ways of bringing the look and feel you’re after to your location. Here are just a few themes that can be recreated for your Big Day, and tips on how to achieve the look!

1. Country Rustic

If you’ve chosen a wholesome country feel for your wedding, why not ask your wedding florist to include some wildflower looking blooms into your bouquet? You can also set a date with your wedding photographer to arrange some pre-wedding photos in the countryside. Get inspired by Malta’s beautiful fields and rubble walls for photos, adding to that rustic Southern Mediterranean feel.

2. Black Tie

Make like a Movie Star and set your mind on a Black Tie wedding, where guests are advised to wear gowns and tuxedos. It’s a great idea to hire a videographer as well as a professional photographer for your wedding night, and you can trust in the videographer to film your guests candidly and wishing you well, and capturing all the spectacular highlights.

3. Fun Factor

If you’re set on having a wedding where people go home with a smile on their faces, you might want to have a look into all the extras you can choose from for your wedding reception. You can’t go wrong with a specific cocktail created for the night. How about inventing one yourselves? Have a look through tried and tested recipes and give it your own couple’s spin on it! Make sure it carries a fun name, how about a spin on your surnames?

4. Festival Vibes

If you’re having an outdoor wedding reception, how about arranging to have multiple stalls outside catering everything from  “Street Food” style menus to ones stocking flutes of Prosecco or Negronis in jam jars – achingly hipster but sure to put a smile on everyones faces. If you’re thinking of having a ‘Festival Inspired’ wedding reception, why not think about a second wedding dress for the reception, where you can choose something more funky and free to go with your fashionable friends?

5. Vintage Chic

If you’re going for a vintage look for your wedding, make sure your hair stylist and make up artist knows what you’re after in advance. They’ll most likely be very excited to get on-board with your vintage dreams and will be able to guide you and suggest different hair and makeup. Once you’ve chosen your inspired wedding dress, keep an eye out for bridesmaids’ dresses to keep in line with your theme. A vintage wedding car is going to transform your photographs into something out of a 1960s dream!

6. Classic Romantic

If you’re a hopeless romantic who’s after something classic and heartwarming, why not look into singers or harpists for your wedding reception? As a classic romantic, you have a wonderful choice of stunning and intimate wedding reception venues in Malta and Gozo. How about a grand old Palazzo? In Malta, this is entirely possible! Once you’ve chosen your wedding venue, allow your professional florist and cake maker to come up with something equally gorgeous with your help.

7. Small Is Beautiful

Who’s wedding is it anyway? If you and your fiancee are not the sort of people dying to invite everyone you’ve ever known to your intimate ceremony, then who’s to say you have to? Go against the grain if you so wish and plan something small but no less special! How about organising a sit down meal instead of a buffet-style arrangement? You can take your time choosing the perfect menu or leave it in the hands of the highly professional caterers who will take your dining experience to the next level and keep your mind at ease. Anyway, the smaller the wedding, the more money you’ll have leftover for the honeymoon of a lifetime!

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