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Important Things To Do After Your Wedding in Malta

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Congratulations, you are now husband and wife! But… What’s next?

Well, of course, there’s married life to look forward to, and lots of adventures that will hopefully see you falling in love with your significant other time and time again… But there are a few things you need to do right after your wedding to wrap things up – things which, on a post-wedding high, may be overlooked!

1. Sort out gifts and thank you-notes

Yes, that mountain of cards may feel unsurmountable, but all you need to do is put aside a few hours to go through them. Deposit any money received into the bank straight away, and decide whether the actual gifts received are things you want to keep, exchange or give away. Whatever your decision is, send thank you notes to those who gave you a gift!

2. Sort out the wedding décor and favours

Undoubtedly, after a wedding, you’ll be left with an excess of wedding favours or souvenirs, and some décor items which you’d have purchased. Depending on what the items are, decide whether to sell them on eBay or MaltaPark, give them away, store them for the next generation, or dispose of them.

3. Sort out your wedding dress

We all love those heartwarming stories of wedding dresses being used and reused by successive generations. Yet, whether that’s your hope for your dress or not, get it dry cleaned and store it somewhere safe. It will always be a beautiful memory to go back to and will make a nice discussion point for children or grandchildren should you have/want any.

4. Sort out your wedding list and buy any items you wanted but didn’t receive

Some wedding lists and registries have whole sets, but guests may have only purchased some items or parts of the set. So head to the store where you set up your list and finalise the process!

5. Sort out your reviews

Whether you booked your wedding services through Get Hitched, a wedding planner or by yourself, it’s nice to leave reviews on their Facebook pages or Google Reviews. This helps other couples make the right decision, and shows your gratitude towards those helped make your wedding a day to remember!

6. Sort out your memories

Today, wedding photos often arrive on a DVD or even via WeTransfer, but it’s always a good idea to get them printed and placed in a photo album. Down the line, you’ll thank yourself for it, particularly when showing friends, family or future generations how fabulous your big day was!


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