The 3 Most Important People At Your Wedding that Might Not Be On the Guestlist…

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We’ve spoken a lot before about how stressful a wedding guestlist can be to finalise. There are still so many people to consider who might not even attend the rest of your wedding. But they certainly will hold significance.

1. The Readers

In Malta, the wedding mass includes readings of scripture from two different people. Be sure that the readers you select have a voice that carries well and sounds clear – the reading of a passage is more effective and impactful when all of your guests are able to hear it properly.

Short prayers are also often read towards the end of the ceremony, with an average of 4-6 different readers. Most couples opt for family and friends to partake in these readings and will ask the readers themselves to choose their own material to represent their relationship.

2. The Witnesses

As their title implies, they are there to witness the wedding. Two witnesses are required – one from each side – and can be both male or female, or else a mix. The choice is that of the couple.

During the vows and exchanging of rings, they bear as witness to both actions. They are to stand next to the couple and the priest on their respective sides. They also bear witness to the contract of marriage and will have to sign, too.

3. The Celebrant

The celebrant is the one that conducts the wedding ceremony. Usually a family priest is chosen, being one that has known either (or both) side of the couple for a long time. The ceremony can be one of the most emotional parts of your wedding and you need someone you feel comfortable to laugh and cry with. Someone that understands you, your sense of humour, your ideas and how you want to your ceremony to be received by your guests.

In the case of a civil wedding, the officiant is appointed instead by the Marriage Registry of Malta.

When organising your wedding, it can be overwhelming to know what to look for. When it comes to choosing who will officiate your ceremony, having someone from either partner’s side not only adds a personal touch but also ensures that both parties are comfortable on the day.

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