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Thinking of Fireworks for Your Wedding in Malta?

By November 15, 2017 No Comments

Fireworks are a staple of celebration in Malta. Their use dates back to the Order of St John, where they were used to welcome foreign dignitaries. They then became popularised within towns and villages during the local feasts, and slowly made their way into the wedding sphere.


The first thing you’ll need to do is talk to your venue and find out if they allow fireworks. They might be licensed to discharge their own fireworks. Older venues might refuse on the basis of heritage conservation. Worry not young, marital hopeful, there are other options!

Get Hitched have many local pyrotechnicians onboard. So, if your venue isn’t able to accommodate fireworks we’ll help you find someone who could organise a show from next door. Outdoor receptions will have alternatives.

You need to make sure all permits have been issued and approved and that everything is done above board. Though this should be covered in the agreements with the venue or fireworks supplier, you can find more about what is needed here. The earlier this is done, the better. 

Consider whether or not you’d like the display to surprise your guests. Or, will you be including it in the programme? Are you going to ask your guests to congregate for 10 minutes during the ceremony? Weddings with firework displays always leave an impression. They make for a great show to anyone in the surrounding localities, too. Just be sure that you’re considerate of the neighbours; and make sure you comply with any regulations set out by the law and your venue managers and the enlisted pyrotechnician.

Getting married in Malta and is looking to fireworks for your wedding? Try Get Hitched today to contact multiple wedding vendors at once, for FREE! Just fill in the details below.

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