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Your Wedding, Your Call

By November 14, 2017 No Comments

Tradition is fun and all, but there does come a time for everyone to leave the shadow of their overbearing future mother-in-law and do things differently. Sometimes, soon-to-be newlyweds aren’t cut the right amount of slack they deserve. Which is why we’d like to suggest that anyone hoping to plan a wedding for the new year will keep these ideas in mind and hopefully manage to enjoy the experience of putting together the best day of their lives…


Don’t Play Musical Chairs

While having a seated three-course meal is grand, and does allow for guests to get to know each other if you’re clever with the allocations, how many weddings have you been to that peak at the reception because as soon as everyone has dried their eyes you’re all huddled into a room to remain seated for the next hour or two? Boring!

Leaving your guests free to roam and opening up a buffet table or service will help them feel comfortable, letting them choose when to eat and dodging any awry table neighbours. If you want to keep the peace, the best option is usually an open-bar in service following a stand-up canapé service. But that isn’t to say if you have your hear set on a seated meal you can’t go forth and let your loved ones feast. You do you, whatever you is.

Don’t Panic With the Disco

DJ’s are awesome – that’s a fact. Live bands are also awesome – that’s another fact. Choose whichever you feel is best suited to the job of keeping your guests grounded on the dancefloor all night long. Or both, if you’re feeling generous. 

Whichever option you go for, have fun with it! Tribute acts, when done well, can add a touch of humorous novelty to any reception. Or, perhaps you’re wanting a more upbeat and swanky local band, like Red Electrick or Airport Impressions…

Three Tiers for the Wedding Cake!

More often than not, wedding cakes are grandiose heights that stand almost 7 stories high. The tradition of tiered cakes dates back to the 18th Century where the bride and groom were asked to kiss over the cake and if it toppled the marriage would be damned to a ruin. Ever since then, the custom has stuck with us.

Before this, there were two cakes – one for the bride and one for the groom. So, why settle for the typical Empire Cake Building? Ever seen a doughnut tower? Google is your friend…

Hashtag Wedding, Hashtag Get On Board

There is no escaping social media these days. Why not use this to the advantage of your wedding? Ask your guests to record the event on their social media platforms under a specialised hashtag. That way everything can be collated in a single click long after the last dance.

Social media has become an effective tool for anyone to send updates to people, so why not use the facilities to communicate with your guests before, during and after your wedding? Snapchat has a Geofilter feature that will let your guests make use of a custom filter with their selfies and even lets them upload the snaps to a communal ‘story’ as long as they’re within your set location parameters.

It’s All About the Journey

Thinking of pulling up to your reception in a white mustang? Been there, done that! Make a statement with your transportation and treat yourself like royalty.

It’s your big day, don’t worry about the others. Anything from stretch limos to boats can be used to pull up to your ceremony – it’s your big day, after all. And think about transport for your guests too, as shuttles and party buses will make sure no one misses a thing.

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