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LIVE EXCLUSIVE: Episode #17 of The Get Hitched Live Wedding Show!

By September 1, 2020 No Comments
Special guest: Charlene Spiteri from Luxe Limos discussing transport and cars for weddings & events with Alberta on episode #17 of The Get Hitched Live Wedding Chat Show!
In this episode we cover:
– Tell us about Luxe Limos & the services you offer.
– How long have you been in the industry?
– What are the challenges you face in your industry?
– What makes the service at Luxe Limos unique?
– What is the most important aspect for you when providing transport services for weddings & events?
– How to choose the right number of cars for guests needing transport?
– What advice would you most like to offer brides-to-be & grooms-to-be watching the show today!
– The future of Luxe Limos!

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