5 Quirky ‘Only In Malta’ Wedding Transport Ideas

If you’ve chosen to get hitched in Malta or Gozo, you might as well make the most of it. Holidaymakers from all over the world flock to these shores to experience a true taste of Mediterranean life and admire the breathtaking landscapes and historical sites, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t too!

When choosing your wedding transport for your Big Day, you might want to think outside the box a little and go with something a little quirkier than usual. Here are some transport ideas that will give your wedding a bit of extra Maltese flavour.

1. Maltese Karozzin 

Every little girl who’s ever dreamt of being a princess will remember imagining arriving at their wedding reception “ball” in a horse and carriage. Luckily, in Malta that’s not actually too hard to sort out. Our traditional karozzin were reserved for transporting nobles in the past, and these days are mostly enjoyed by tourists – but they’re still around to make your wedding dreams come true if you so wished!

2. Getaway Wedding Car

Anyone who’s ever seen Grease will remember Sandy and Danny flying off into the sunset in a fabulous vintage car, so instead of hiring an old classic Bentley with a driver, you can always drive yourself! There are some absolutely stunning vintage cars in great condition on the island, and it will be so much fun looking back on the photos in years to come. This would be a great option for stylish weddings with a retro twist.

3. Maltese Luzzu

Whoever says Venice is the most romantic city in the world evidently hasn’t taken a trip on one of our colourful Maltese luzzus. There is nothing more spectacular than arriving at the Grand Harbour from the Old City of Vittoriosa via a colourful wooden boat, so if your heart’s set on a Valletta wedding or reception then this might be just the ticket. Pretty lighting on board would look gorgeous for an evening reception!

4. Wedding Scooter

Our picturesque village streets and countryside can definitely give the Italians a run for their money! Whilst we can’t claim the rights to the Lambretta or Vespa, if you’re a fun loving couple down for something a little bit different, why not hire our a glossy cream scooter to whisk you away from the church after being showered in confetti! Start as you mean to go on as newlyweds – living La Dolce Vita.

5. Maltese Bus

No Maltese transport list would be complete without our beloved yellow buses from yesteryear. Though out of service, they’re still available for hire for special occasions, and what could me more special than a wedding? This is a fab idea for the groomsmen to arrive together and support their friend on his Big Day, and you’ll certainly make an impact as you arrive at the wedding venue in your suits and sunglasses!

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