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5 Tips On How Not To Be A ‘Mother of the Bride-zilla’

We’ve all heard of Bridezillas, but being an overpowering mama can be just as hard to handle, if not worse! Maltese mums are sometimes stereotyped as being fussy and a tad fiery, which is all part of the fun, but it’s important to keep a bit calmer than usual to avoid any squabbling or hard feelings.

Everyone wants the best for their darling daughters, but being a bit too overpowering can cause unnecessary tension, and remember that some things are better left unsaid! Here are a few tips that might help ease the stress for both mother and daughter.

1. Go Easy On Her Choices

Red roses might be your absolute favourite, but if your daughter’s set on wearing a daisy flower crown and clutching a bunch of wild flowers whilst walking down the aisle then you’re both going to be in for some disappointment. It’s only natural for a mother to want to contribute to the big day, but decisions like the size of the wedding party or the overall “feel” are usually non-negotiable, but don’t take it to heart! Nowadays weddings come in all shapes and sizes, and traditional isn’t for everyone. How about suggesting a classy photographer who will be able to capture all the precious moments in black and white?

2. Suggestions Are Welcome! 

It’s likely that your daughter will want to have you by her side whilst making big decisions like choosing her wedding dress, wedding music and entertainment or even the wedding souvenirs. Bear in mind she might be stressed so it would be wonderful to have someone there to help with these decisions! A helping hand is always appreciated, and can really bring the two of you together, even though your baby’s all grown up. Suggestions and recommendations are sure to be well received, whether it’s a great dressmaker, a tried and tested caterer or even a pretty table setting idea.

3. Save A Special Keepsake

Maybe it’s a bracelet that you wore on your own wedding day, or a pretty hair-clip that’s been passed down through the family. If there are any keepsakes you’ve been saving for a special moment, the build up a daughter’s wedding is the perfect opportunity to bring them out. Perhaps invite your daughter and her fiancée over for dinner, where you can surprise them both and relay the history behind the beloved keepsake! Or perhaps give it to her on her wedding day, just make sure you do it before she puts on her make up, we don’t want our lovely bride to look like the Joker from Batman.

Oooh, Thanks Mum.

4. Share Your Own Experiences

Weddings can be very stressful and take their toll not only on the couple getting hitched, but their families and even their circle of friends. If you can remember feeling similarly nervous, it would be invaluable for your daughter if you’d share a few words of wisdom from woman to woman! It might be fun to have some bonding time, just the two of you. You can even make a day out of it and book yourselves in for a spa day including a relaxing massage and maybe even a couple of cocktails while you’re at it!

5. Enjoy Yourself! 

The build up to a wedding can feel like a lifetime, but it all boils down to “The Big Day”. There’s no harm in taking some time to yourself if you feel it’s all getting a bit too stressful, this way you both might avoid any silly arguments! You’re likely to be exhausted by the time the date comes around, but remember to enjoy yourself. There might be some tantrums along the way but it will all be worth it in the end. You have been planning this for weeks, you have your on the day wedding planner (and/or) your best man, your maid of honour prepped, they will all do their best to help you on your day. Make the most out of the getting ready stage and the celebrations after the ceremony- and don’t forget to have a good old time!

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