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Wedding Ceremony Music Suppliers in Malta & Gozo

Music is an extremely important component of any wedding day as it sets the tone for the event.

First of all, couples must decide whether the wedding ceremony is going to take place in a church or in private location such as a beach, wedding hall and so on. If it’s going to take place in a church, couples might opt to go for a soprano, a choir or a wedding mass singer. On the other hand if the wedding reception is going to take place in a more bohemian and relaxed setting, couples might even want a gospel choir as they are known to bring a lot of colour to celebrations they take part in. They might even want to get a pianist & singer, a harpist or string quartets.

If couples get confused about what might work best, the rule of thumb is that while a soprano will give a more formal and sometimes even serious timbre to the event, a wedding mass singer is obviously going to be a bit easier to come by and slightly more relaxed in tone. A choir offers the perfect go-between between the two.

You can choose from:


A touch of class is always welcome when it comes to wedding ceremonies. The sweet notes of 'Ave Maria' sung by a professional soprano as you're walking down the aisle create an intimate moment that you and your guests will remember forever.  Fortunately, Malta is blessed with talented sopranos that specialise in transforming your wedding ceremony into a truly magical affair.

Finding the right soprano for your wedding can be challenging. Fortunately, we've got Malta's top sopranos on our platform, and these professionals are ready to turn your wedding dreams into reality! Fill in our 3-step request form to get started.


Malta is a country with a tonne of talented singers. Unsurprisingly, the island is brimming with top-level choirs that specialise in wedding ceremonies. With spellbinding harmonies, a carefully curated song list and tens of jaw-dropping voices, hiring a choir to perform at your wedding ceremony is a statement in itself. Therefore, if music is a core value for you as a couple, booking a choir should be at the top of your wedmin list.

We understand that finding the perfect choir for your wedding can be a hassle. To solve that very issue, our excellent team has handpicked the top wedding choirs the islands have to offer. Then what are you waiting for? Use the next 3 minutes to fill in our simple request form, and we can guarantee that you'll find your match in no time!


This particular category of singers specialises in wedding ceremonies. Music is an integral part of every ritual, and there's no better way to exchange your vows than to create an intimate atmosphere powered by music. Our professional singers will curate a setlist of appropriate tunes that will exceed all expectations.

Thanks to Get Hitched, you can easily get in touch with the top ceremony singers in Malta. Our platform allows you to get in touch with these professional singers, and to find your perfect match in less than 3 working days! Now that's efficiency in a nutshell!


From hymns to traditional tunes, gospel choirs are soulful, fun and inspiring, i.e. the perfect soundtrack for your wedding ceremony. Thankfully, Maltese is blessed with several top-quality gospel choirs that will surely drive everyone to break out of their seat and start dancing!

If you're stressing out about your wedding day, we can assure you that you've found your golden ticket to a more enjoyable wedmin process.  Our platform empowers you to get in touch with a tonne of professional wedding suppliers in Malta and Gozo who are ready to turn your wedding dreams into reality. Sit back, relax, and fill in our 3-step request form to get started.


A powerful singer is nothing without an equally talented pianist. A pianist/singer duo is perfect for both the wedding ceremony and the reception. Most pianist/singer duos are versatile and have a repertoire spanning across different genres, making them the perfect addition to your big day.

If you're feeling a bit lost when it comes to finding a dynamic duo for your wedding music, you're in luck. Get Hitched was created with the intention of transforming wedmin into an enjoyable process. It's a matchmaker between couples who are planning their wedding and professional suppliers who are looking for serious clients. It's never been this easy to find your perfect match. Fill in our request form for free, and let us accompany you in this life-changing journey.


The harp is truly magical. Its sonic quality inspires an enchanting atmosphere that cannot be created by any other instrument. A professional harpist can add a tasteful touch to your wedding music, turning it into the sophisticated event you've always envisioned. Therefore, if you want to impress your guests, hiring a harpist will surely do the trick.

Finding a talented harpist plus finding one who isn't already booked can be tough. Fortunately, we've got the top harpists in Malta on board, so that you don't need to worry about finding your perfect match. Fill in our request form, and we can guarantee that our suppliers will get back to you within 3 working days. Now that's what efficiency is all about!


String quartets are the perfect elegant addition to a classy wedding. With breathtaking arrangements, glorious harmonies and a vast repertoire ranging from Vivaldi to Bruno Mars, the islands' string quartets will give a spellbinding performance that will be etched in your guests' memories forever.

We have carefully curated our string quartet roster to include a selection of professional and qualified musicians. By simply filling in our request form, you can easily get in touch with these sparkingly talented ensembles, and start planning the ceremony music entertainment facet of your wedding in a jiffy.