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Wedding Invitations & Souvenirs Vendors in Malta & Gozo

When you start thinking about wedding invitations & wedding souvenirs, it can be easy for feelings to go up and down - from excited to overwhelmed and back again. There are so many beautiful options available (from letter pressing to gold foil and even engraving). Or, maybe you’re thinking about a more DIY approach to your invites and your brain is running wild trying to come up with designs and prints…

Do you really need all those extra inserts? Spoilers: no.

The truth is that you only have a limited amount of time and money to devote to your wedding invitations & wedding souvenirs and you need to make some sanity saving decisions as soon as possible.

Just remember: the point of a wedding invitation is mostly to get the people you want at your wedding, all the while possibly gifting a tiny memento of your wedding day (mostly, if we’re being honest, for yourself).