Do You Really Need a Photo Booth at Your wedding?

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If there is a piece of advice every single former bride and groom give it’s for happy couples to enjoy every second of their big day because it flies by too fast. Photos are literally one of the only enduring things you will have left once the day is over and the wedding dress sent to the dry cleaners.

While most weddings follow a staple pattern when it comes to the way everything is conducted, wedding trends are constantly changing and evolving. A few years ago, one would never have dreamt of having something such as a photo booth at their wedding but now at almost every wedding you attend, there are different variations of photo booths being set up so that guests have the opportunity to make their own memories of your big day.

Of course, not everyone needs or should feel the pressure of having a photo booth present at their big day. Yes, it is a nice thing to have if you want it, but it does mean that you are going to have to incur extra expense that you might not necessarily have the budget for. In addition to this, photo booths do not only come at an extra cost but sometimes they also cause unnecessary congestion and small arguments about whose turn it is have been known to break out when people have drunk a little more than they should have.

If you still want to create a photo booth like effect but are not really ready to incur the price tag which comes with it there are other alternatives which your guests might equally enjoy. One such thing which is gaining popularity is having a caricaturist present to draw everyone’s picture. Some brides and grooms are even leaving Polaroid cameras around the venue which people can pick up and use to take photos. At the end of the day, it is YOUR day – be as creative as you want!

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