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Book a Photo Booth For Your Wedding in Malta & Gozo

Wedding photo booths are taking Malta by storm! Once can spot them at nearly every Maltese wedding nowadays and it's easy to see why; if done well, a photo booth at your wedding can very quickly become a highlight of the night for you and your guests!

Photo booths are a great way to capture any candid moments at your wedding in Malta. They provide guests with a photo strip or cutout that can then be kept as a memento for your big day.

Get it right: If the photo booth you hire comes with an attendant, make use of them. They’ll know all the tips and tricks to pull out to encourage your guests into the booth and keep the snaps rolling.

Some wedding photo booth suppliers even offer the chance for couples to implement customised print designs - from fancy borders to watermarks of wedding details. Go one step further and leave a few guestbooks dotted around your reception and ask that guests leave some of their spare clippings behind with a personal message for you and your partner to look back on as the years pass.