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Wedding Photography in Malta & Gozo

Wedding day Photographer

Perhaps the most important thing to look for when hiring a wedding photographer is to find one that you trust both professionally and personally. If you don't, you risk losing your precious moments forever. You might not have as much fun on the day of your wedding which will in turn waste your money and all of this will reflect in the final wedding photos. This is even more important for weddings since you are going to spend practically the whole day with your wedding photographer. The same thing goes when you are having your pre-wedding photography session.

Pre-wedding photoshoot

Pre-wedding photography is a growing trend in the international wedding industry. With beautiful beaches, historic palaces, modern architectural wonders and stunning sunsets, it almost seems as if the Maltese archipelago was crafted for these romantic shoots. Furthermore, there are tonnes of wedding photographers in Malta who specialize in pre-wedding photography. So what are you waiting for? Grab your partner and prep yourself for an unforgettable photo-shoot in Malta!

The more at ease you are with your wedding photographer, the better your wedding photos will be. So, pay close attention to the rapport any wedding photographers build as you move through your list of questions.

You'll want to understand what you're getting for your money: how much time, how many images, the proof format, if they offer any package deals, etc. How much editing can be done? How long after your wedding day will you have to wait to see anything? Will you get images that you can quickly share on social media? We ask all these questions because we believe planning your wedding should be as easy as saying, I do.