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Wedding Ceremony Music Vendors in Malta & Gozo

Music is an extremely important component of any wedding day as it sets the tone for the event.

First of all couples must decide whether the wedding ceremony is going to take place in a church or in private location such as a beach, wedding hall and so on. If it’s going to take place in a church, couples might opt to go for a soprano, a choir or a wedding mass singer. On the other hand if the wedding reception is going to take place in a more bohemian and relaxed setting, couples might even want a gospel choir as they are known to bring a lot of colour to celebrations they take part in.

If couples get confused about what might work best, the rule of thumb is that while a soprano will give a more formal and sometimes even serious timbre to the event, a wedding mass singer is obviously going to be a bit easier to come by and slightly more relaxed in tone. A choir offers the perfect go-between between the two.