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Wedding Videographers in Malta & Gozo

Wedding videographers combine skill-sets from that of a documentary and directorial filmmaking. When it comes to capturing the spirit of your wedding in Malta, there are many options available to you.

The first thing to consider is how you want the wedding video to feel. What do you want to convey to viewers about the most exciting time in your life? Are you after a more cinematic approach worthy of an Oscar nomination or would you prefer a more informal documentary wedding video?

What mix of content goes into your wedding video is up to you. Want to include every minute of your hour-long wedding ceremony? No problem. Whether you are looking to have a long film or a short film, send a request through Get Hitched today and find the perfect wedding videographer for your wedding in Malta!


Hiring a videographer to capture those special wedding day moments is a definite must. It's essential to know a videographer's style before you decide to hire him or her. Furthermore, you need to weigh the pros and cons of choosing a full-length video versus a highlights video.

Simply put, a full-length video is your very own wedding documentary. It features a chronological sequence of those all-important moments in a non-condensed format. A professional full-length feature strikes the perfect balance between intimacy and detail, making sure that you'll have an heirloom to pass down from generation to generation.

Finding the right videographer is critical. Thankfully, our excellent team here at Get Hitched has handpicked the islands' top videographers. Fill in our 3-step request form to get in touch with them.


Before hiring a videographer for your wedding day, it's useful to decide whether you're going to opt for a full-length video or a highlights video.

A highlights video (a.k.a short film) is one of the most popular types of wedding videos offered by today's videographers. He/she creatively edits the raw footage to create a one-of-a-kind video that solely focuses on the top moments. It's a predefined template that works for couples who prefer a shorter video to disseminate online and to share with their family and friends.

Finding the right videographer for your wedding can be a challenge. That's perfectly the reason why you should use our platform. By simply filling in our 3-step request form, you'll immediately get in touch with wedding videographers that fit your criteria. Thanks to Get Hitched, it's never been this easy to get married in Malta!