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5 Things to Consider Before Letting Your Partner Invite Their Ex to Your Wedding

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Curating a guest list for a wedding is stressful enough as it is, without stirring ex-lovers into the mix. You may attest to your partner doing so. If you’ve been the one to undo their years of hurt, you’re hardly going to want to lay your loved on out on a silver tray for them to snatch back up halfway through your vows. Take these 5 things into consideration before even thinking of letting your partner invite their ex to your wedding.


1. Do You Trust The Ex?

We get it, not all relationships end in turmoil – you’re about to get married so that’s obvious. But if their ex happens to be a good friend of theirs, perhaps it won’t be so bad having them at the wedding. But what if the ex never stopped loving them? Are you willing to risk it all on your wedding day?

2. Do You Trust Your Partner?

Okay, so your partner and their ex have maintained a peaceful friendship over the years. That’s good. That’s really good. But what if the main driving factor behind this was a case of forbidden love?

3. First Impressions…

Imagine if the first time you are to meet their ex is on the day of your wedding. They can’t exactly be introduced as the last person to see them naked. We can’t even begin to think of the trigger warning that conversation ought to come with.

4. Are You Planning On Bringing Your Ex?

Are you trying to level the playing field because your partner’s once-upon-a-time-in-the-land-of-their-childhood is coming (because they grew up living next-door to each other, as well) then surely you can invite the first person that broke your heart, right?

I mean, whoever said that bringing your ex into an alcohol-fuelled arena of awkward was a bad idea? That’s right. No one.

5. Is It Worth It?

We’re serious, is it worth all the awkward introductions? Is it worth inviting them because you don’t want to be a party-pooper? 

Just make sure you’re not having to spend the whole day actively trying to avoid them.

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