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[COVID-19] The Get Hitched Live Show Episode 3 Recap: Naomi & Damian’s Story

By April 29, 2020 No Comments

I know…another COVID-19 related article. I’m sure yourself and everyone you know is sick of hearing about it. However, this story is about a brave couple called Damian Borg & Naomi Geroge who came on the show last Saturday the 25th on what was supposed to be their actual wedding day!

Unfortunately, they were forced to postpone their wedding due to the current situation. The exact time they were meant to be tying the knot they came on the show to talk with Jonathan & Ben to discuss the impact this postponement has had on their lives.

In the 3rd episode of the Get Hitched live show we discuss with the lovely couple the feelings of emotion they have right now, when this was meant to be their special day. What is going through their head? After years and months of planning for this special day and for something like COVID to put a halt to everything, is a true kick to the face.

Damian & Naomi talk about how this has affected their family & friends as well. Both having to postpone their hens and bachelor parties;

Although Eman Ellul has it under control 👊

Other topics discussed on the show, is the postponement of the wedding date, how hard was it to move it? Thankfully, they have been given the go ahead to move it to October. Some good has come out of this for them though, as it’s given Damian and Naomi more time to move into their new place in Zurrieq. We also look into how things went with the already booked wedding suppliers, would they be available on that date, did they lose their deposit? This was discussed in more detail in the video above.

Obviously, this is a big strain in their relationship, did the current situation complicate it or make them stronger as a couple? This was explored further in the discussion. Many other couples can relate to this. It’s all about taking it on the chin and moving forward. Get Hitched also explores what can be the best situation to come out of this? Is it more time to plan the wedding? More time to work on other things as a couple?

Lastly, Damian and Naomi go into detail about what advice they can give other couples out there in a similar situation, how they can move on from this. Making sure to always look at the positive aspect of any set of circumstances.

We would love to give a special thank you to Il Warda Florists, who delivered beautiful flowers to Naomi & Damian throughout the show. A huge thank you to Damian’s Cocktails for providing our amazing guests some drinks, also a special shout out and thank you to Neriku Catering for providing some delicious appetizers throughout the show.

We would also like to give a massive thank you, for all those of you who showed up to give Naomi & Damian support throughout the show with some of the loving comments posted below:

With friends and family like this it’s safe to say that Damian and Naomi are in safe hands!

Lastly, on behalf of everyone at Get Hitched we want to thank Damian and Naomi for coming on the show and discussing their current situation and how they have been affected by COVID. It’s not easy to come on a show like this and talk about what an impact this has had on your life. Let alone on your actual wedding day. We wish you a wonderful wedding and be sure to let us know how it was!

We hope this episode gives a positive insight into the situation we are in and can help other couples out there on the same boat. Take inspiration from this brave couple and keep on going, don’t stop yourself from having your dream wedding!

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