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Consider Kids and Elderly Guests Who Might Require Additional Assistance at your Wedding in Malta

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Wedding guests come in all shapes and sizes. If only there were a one-size-fits-all plan for weddings, these days. It seems as though more often than not we appear to forget about the needs of others and when it comes to your wedding day it’s even more important to consider them for the sake of everyone being able to join in the fun. 

There are millions of articles and forum threads detailing how to have the ‘perfect‘ wedding day, but the majority of them seem to forget that not everyone holds the privilege of being fully-able.

Everyone Wants a Perfect Wedding

The same goes for posts about how to have a ‘kid-friendly’ wedding. Why aren’t we talking about throwing a more ‘parent-friendly’ wedding? Or, better yet, why not go all out there and just have an everyone-friendly wedding?

There are countless forums online berating brides for suggesting anyone hand their kids over to a sitter they have arranged for the day, out of their own pocket, while the rest of the adults party on. But there aren’t as many threads touching on the topic of guests who might need help with mobility around venues, or assistance with other disabilities or personal needs. This is the wrong mindset to have, we think.

These brides are above the rest for thinking of their guests beyond their attendance. It’s a fact of life as you get older that your friends will have children of their own. Just because the invite isn’t necessarily addressed to Mr & Mrs Borg & Kids doesn’t mean they won’t ask about bringing them. You know them, you know they have kids.

The same goes for your great uncle Karl, who might need some help with his colostomy bag. You know what his needs are, why not make his life that much easier by providing an open option. We’re sure it’d mean the world to him, to know he’s wanted in all of his glory. 

Offering an area for the kids to go to while the adults have their time is okay. Okay? It’s not abandonment and it’s not cruel. We’re not saying lock them up and throw away the key. Providing childminders and animators, a bouncy castle or a colouring table simply gives any parents at your wedding the signal that they can enjoy themselves without a child tied to their waist.

It’s not something that has to be enforced, but having the option there for anyone with children will give your guests something else to remember your wedding for – comfort. Put yourself in the parent’s shoes. Surely you’d be more at ease knowing that if your toddler is about to scream the house down you can settle them away from the other guests and know that they’re in safe hands.

The same works for elderly guests. More often than not, in Malta, childminders are trained to work with those who might need a little extra help with other things. This also goes for any guests you’re inviting that may require specific attention, be it with children or not. Just make sure to let the carers know in advance so as to allow room for the workers to arrange everything they might possibly need.

Offering the option for the service to be available at your wedding is a surefire way to let everyone know that they are welcome. Invites alone can send mixed signals, so add a little note on each letting everyone know you’ve thought ahead and of everyone.

The more the merrier, especially if you’re the type of bride that values the happiness of everyone around them. Make your great uncle Karl proud and request a quote from Get Hitched for a child-minder or assistant for your wedding today!

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