As many of you may know, on the 19th and 20th of June the team at Get Hitched organised Malta’s first ever virtual weddings fair and it was a huge success! We had 100’s of couples looking to find, meet and book suppliers! With just under 200 online video calls booked during the virtual weddings fair, we are already looking forward to the next one!

We even organised a raffle for one lucky couple and today I am interviewing our lucky winner, Georgette Sperando who is tying the knot with Antoine Schembri on the 26th March of 2022. The couple won a weekend break and in Antoine’s words, “A well needed break” at the Paradise Bay Hotel in Mellieha!

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Antoine is one lucky man because Georgette is a super sweet girl! I absolutely loved this interview with her. I wish I could have also met Antoine and I do look forward to perhaps a fun selfie of them enjoying the weekend break! *hint.. hint*

Georgette told us, “the pandemic did affect our wedding planning and it did stop us”. However, they used these past few months to focus on themes, souvenirs, colours and style for their wedding instead.

Our plan with the virtual weddings fair was to help soon-to-wed couples get back on track with their wedding planning and we are happy that it worked! Georgette absolutely loved our fair and booked 14 meetings with different suppliers in just 2 days! And all from the comfort of her home.. I mean – could it get any better? 

“It was worth it, we loved it!” – Georgette Sperando

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She explained that Get Hitched and the online meetings tool is very easy to use and all the suppliers they met were very friendly. They also all offered her and Antoine discounts – some until the end of June, others without an end date on their special offers!

This allowed them to meet and speak with more than one different supplier for each service they are looking for, allowing them to compare as Georgette explains, “We want to find the best suppliers based on quality and price”.

We are very happy that we could help this great couple and 100’s more like her. Georgette has told us she looks forward to recommending Get Hitched to her friends (8 of her friends are getting married just next year) and we are super excited to help them all out also! Could you believe that in just 2 years and 10 months we have helped around 3000 local and foreign couples getting married in Malta!!

We also spoke with Georgette about our newest addition to the family, – which was launched 1st July to help you find and book restaurants in a fast and easy process – and she can’t wait to use it also and be in the change to win one of the many prizes we currently available. 

Spoiler alert: We are giving out another weekend break to one lucky winner who uses Bookia! Check out the link here for more info.

I would like to say thanks again to Georgette and Antoine for their time and feedback about Get Hitched and our virtual weddings fair. We hope they enjoy their weekend break and have an amazing time on their special day! (Yes, I will be waiting for the photo’s).

Get Hitched is a match-making platform that connects soon-to-wed couples directly with suppliers that match their date, budget and other criteria –

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