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2019 Wedding Trends

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While many couples like to stick to tried and tested traditions, there are a happy few who like to push the envelope out a bit and do something just that little bit different. Here are a few wedding trends set to take 2019 by storm.

1. Statement Headpieces

Gone are the days when a bride settled for a simple veil tied to her head by a few strategically placed pins. 2019 promises to bring back the headpiece in a pretty big way with some brides going all out and actually donning elaborate gold crowns for their big day. While some might think that this might be a little too much, the truth is if you can’t wear a crown or tiara on your big day, when can you?

2. Naked Cakes

Everyone who has ever been to a wedding (or seen one on television) is familiar with the traditional cake format. It’s enormous, three-tier and most of the time ends up uneaten because of the masses of royal icing used to construct it. Enter the naked cake! Unlike its ultra-sweet cousin, the naked cake is a lot lighter which also makes it more edible. Naked cakes also go perfectly with the next 2019 trend on our list!

3. A Return to Nature

Renting a hall to hold your wedding in is all very well, however, more and more people are opting out of the stiffness that inevitably comes with a hall and planning outdoorsy weddings where everyone can feel a little more relaxed and one with nature. Outdoor weddings usually take place in picturesque settings which means that the photos literally take themselves. Who wouldn’t love a photo of themselves with their beloved under a bower of leafy trees?

4. A Wedding Caricaturist

You’ve all heard of the wedding photo booth and the Polaroid cameras lovingly left around venues for people to take spontaneous photos, however, the ultimate 2019 wedding trend takes things just that one little step further. A wedding caricaturist will give your guests unique pictures of themselves that they can treasure forever. What could be more special than that?


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