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5 Luxury Wedding Gift Ideas For “The Couple Who Have Everything”

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When planning a wedding, the bride and groom-to-be will often compile a ‘wedding list’ for their guests to get through, ticking off each wedding gift one at a time, instead of giving the couple cold hard cash. This tradition actually started in New York store Macy’s in 1942 before other department stores were quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Back in the day, chinaware, silverware, crystal and linens were very popular gifts for newlyweds, along with white goods, i.e electricals like toasters and washing machines! However, these days, with cohabitation before marriage being more and more common, it’s normal that the couple will already have such household items, and therefore won’t be needing them unless they’re a step up from what they’ve already been using.

Then there are those couples who just seem to have it all! If you’re set on gifting the new couple with a surprise meaningful present, here are just a few ideas to get you started. These options are great for a group of friends attending the wedding to think about, to pool money in together for, ensuring the newlyweds receive something memorable from their Big Day!

1. Jewellery

A no-brainer. Jewellery for the bride can be bought from specialist jewellery designers on the island, and if you’re after a timeless, expensive piece then you can always pitch in together with your family and friends of the bride and groom. Jewellery is a classic statement gift and is sure to delight the bride.

2. Destination Trip

If you know the couple well enough, you might have heard them namedrop a destination that they’d both like to visit. They’ve probably got something planned already for their honeymoon but why not book them a trip for later on in the year? This could be somewhere like Bruges over Christmas or Marrakech in the Springtime!

3. Garden Makeover

If the couple are already living together, you might have seen their outdoor space. A garden or terrace often gets left to the last part of the house to be given a bit of tender loving care, so why not help them out with some fancy new plants in gorgeous plant pots? You can even join in with friends to buy them some outdoor furniture or a hammock!

4. Antique Furniture

There’s a big difference between retro furniture and proper antique furniture, so if you know that the bride and groom love a bit of vintage, then they’ll no doubt be over the moon with a classic Maltese antique piece of furniture. They may even have a very modern or eclectic interior in their new marital home, but with the help of the right flair for interior design, an older piece can easily be incorporated. Try out antiques auctions or specialised antiques houses for the perfect piece.

5. Fine Artwork

With so many fantastic artists to choose from in Malta and Gozo, it might be hard to make a decision on what sort of artwork to buy for your friend or family member getting married. Bear in mind that artworks normally shoot up into the thousands of Euros, so you don’t want to make the mistake of buying the wrong piece. How about arranging an art gallery or artist’s studio visit with the couple after their wedding? You can gift the couple a voucher on their Big Day letting them know they’ll be getting the painting of their dreams after the wedding is over and life’s gone back to normal!

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