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5 Ways a Wedding Planner Can Help You Plan Your Wedding in Malta

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Wedding planners are the fairy godparents of weddings. They know all about the latest trends and even more of the best ways to go about planning your dream wedding in Malta. Having a wedding planner on board to help you with your big day can help in more ways than you can imagine.

1. Wardrobe Worries:

What goes wrong? Broken zippers, runaway buttons, snapped heels, the list could go on…

The solution? Some planners might suggest hiring a seamstress on the day of your wedding, but understand that not every budget is able to stretch that far. An alternative to the seamstress is to find out if a family member or bridal party member likes to moonlight in thimbles. Bonus points for finding anyone that knows how to tie a bow-tie.

2. Jilted Journeys:

What goes wrong? Traffic, parking, Malta… Heaven forbid your chauffeur gets lost!

The solution? Your wedding planner can work alongside your other suppliers to ensure that your venue has valid or adequate parking arrangements on the day of your wedding and that your drivers are well-briefed on the best route to your destinations. As for the traffic? All we can do is pray.

3. Vendors Lacking Vehemence:

What goes wrong? Your band forgot their amp leads, you caterer ignored your single gluten-free request, etc.

The solution? Wedding planners have seen it all. They know exactly what to do when an unanticipated snafu occurs. Remain calm, your wedding planner will be on hand to have stern words with your caterer, phone a friend to deliver the missing cables and have a Spotify playlist in their pocket on standby to distract your guests from ever knowing that something might be wrong…

4. Arbitrary Announcements:

What goes wrong? You and your partner enter the reception together for the first time as a married couple only to have the emcee completely butcher your names and then spins the deep-house remix of your first dance song because it was the first to appear in YouTube’s search.

The solution? Your wedding planner is there to ensure and organise meetings and details are finalised.

5. Weather Woes:

What goes wrong? Summer is too hot, winter is too cold. You can stop the interference of a mother-in-law but good luck getting in the way of Mother Nature.

The solution? Couples will stress themselves out by checking the forecast months in advance and glancing again a week before the big day. This is Malta, there are no rules for the weather to follow. Having a wedding planner on your wedding day means while you’re attending your ceremony that they can be pulling favours behind the scenes at your reception venue to source fleece blankets or extra shaded canopies.

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