New Trends in Maltese Weddings Part 2-min

New Trends In Maltese Weddings – Part 2

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Charting Malta’s changing wedding scene one trend at a time.

1. Wedding films in Malta

Such is the popularity of wedding films that if you haven’t been featured in one, then you’ll have definitely seen one being shared on Facebook. A wedding film is basically your wedding in HD, and tells the story of your day complete with anecdotes, drama, and all the trimmings. Sometimes, couples also release a trailer beforehand, turning it into a full-on Hollywood experience.

2. Wedding Film-Screening in Malta

While sharing it is a must, sharing the feels with family and friends is what the wedding film is all about. For that reason, wedding film screenings are becoming ever more popular on the islands, with couples inviting their loved ones over for one final bash. The possibilities here are endless though, and we’re just waiting for someone to rent a cinema or project the film onto a historical monument.

3. Wedding Drones in Malta

The creation of these films is also pushing wedding videographers to their limits, particularly as these sort of films often require some breath-taking footage of the venues and happenings to give viewers a unique angle on the wedding. Drones are one way of achieving that, which explains why their popularity at Maltese weddings is soaring.

4. Wedding Beer Bars in Malta

Can you imagine a Maltese wedding without booze? We couldn’t either. Thankfully, neither can the future as the trends in terms of bars are to add rather than to reduce. Over the years, we have seen many new additions including the wedding cocktail bar, but one of the latest is the wedding beer bar, where guests can have a selection of craft beers (as well as a non-alcoholic one, usually). This may seem excessive when keeping in mind it’s over and above the open bar which already serves commercial beer, but in the warm summer months, this could be a blessing!

5. Wedding Sweet Stalls in Malta

The wedding cake has always been the centre piece of a wedding, but what about a candy floss station or a doughnut bar for your guests? Many newlyweds are opting for this, and more catering companies are offering the service. Are we in for a sweet revolution, you think?

6. Wedding Food Stalls in Malta

The buffet table, the cheese table, the Asian food table… They’re all seeing a rise as more brides- and grooms-to-be choose to give their guests more than just finger food. In fact, while there is a certain stigma surrounding this due to it being considered ‘chavvy’, it seems that it’s a trend that’s here to stay for the next couple of seasons.

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